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Insurance Life (Low Rate Term)

I’ll give you a number of things that will really help you get a very affordable rate for your term life policy. However, just reading them won’t do you much good. It’s implementing them that will help you make huge savings.

1. Get your policy when you are young. And, since you really can’t get younger than you are now, get it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the higher your rates go.

2. If you are the type that loves motor racing and such dangerous sports you’ll certainly not get a low rate unless you quit. The simple reason for this is that you’re a bad risk to any insurer as long as you take part in such sports.

3. Change your job if it exposes you to many hazards. A pilot will definitely get higher rates than a clerk in a grocery no matter what. If your job is life-threatening then your rates will go through the roof.

4. Quit smoking and you’ll get lower rates. Smokers get rates that are at least twice of non-smokers. Once you’ve quit for more than 12 months reapply and you’ll be eligible for a massive discount.

5. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a strong factor that determines your term life insurance rate. By this we simply mean that if your weight is more than normal for your height, sex and age you’ll attract rates that are much higher.

6. Finally, you’ll get a low rate term life insurance policy if you get and compare quotes from many quotes sites. The trick is ensuring that you receive quotes from as many insurers as possible.


Health Insurance

Life is a precious thing and no one would want to put their life in risk. We get our live to live only once in our lifetime and we do not want any sort of problem in our whole lifetime. Year by year, as the world is developing technologically and medically, even then we are facing new and risky problems. The lifespan of human beings have reduced tremendously. Earlier people used to live for around 90 to 100 years and the average lifespan of any normal human being was around eighty five years. But now the situation is different. Currently, the average life span of any normal human being has reduced from eighty five to just sixty years. The reduction in the life span is the reason because we human beings are polluting our mother earth and because of which we are not able to breathe fresh air.

There are alternatives for this and these alternatives will or may increase our life span. One of the alternatives is the Life Insurance policy. Life Insurance makes sure that whenever you get any sort of medical help, you get the help even though you do not have sufficient funds with you. In this fast moving world and over populated countries, the competition has been increased tremendously and people are finding hard to get a good job even after getting higher degrees during their education. In such situation it becomes difficult to cope up with other or extra expenses which can incur at any unknown time and place. Even the medical and hospital costs have been increased and an average person who can just manage their family cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars for any unexpected medical problem.

Medical problems occur at any time and you have to stay alert for any such emergency. By saying ready, I mean you should get ready financially. There are many life insurance companies now a day’s and you will find different and interesting policies and features which may look attractive. There is a competition between these companies too so you will have to select a most efficient and reliable life insurance policy which will make sure that you get all type of medical help during emergencies like Ambulance help to all the expenses paid for the emergency. It is very much important that you should buy a life insurance policy for yourself and for your whole family if you care for yourself and your family.


AIG – Is Our Auto Insurance

Everyone knows that the insurance giant AIG had an incredible collapse that few people really knew that was coming, even in the insurance industry but there were many warning signs that were there for company officials as well as employees but they chose not to listen.

According to the House select committee on oversight which did a study on AIG’s downfall the writing was on the wall. Regulators have warned them five months in advance that they are was something fishy going on in the company’s books but AIG’s officials apparently didn’t pay much mind to it. It looks to me that AIG’s executives did the same thing that many Internet stock companies did before the collapse the stock market in the year 2000. I think that these problems could be solved in the future if our government put more stringent regulations and oversight in place to make sure that AIG’s top brass invested their side cash wisely and not into very risky investments like commodities, energy and currencies. I mean yes, this side of their business was working magnificently for a good amount of time but this gravy train was bound to get short and run out of gas. If AIG would have focused most of its time and energy into focusing on its core business which was insurance then it would have never left itself wide open for this crash. This crash made the Enron crash look like a day in the park. All of this came about because of the greed of its top brass which make all of these risky investments and left its core business wide open for a knockout punch.

This all goes back to oversight. The Bush administration relaxed a lot of the regulatory factors on Wall street and many companies took advantage of this. Hopefully president elect will learn from the big mistake that the bush administration made on oversight over the business and investment practices of these top executives and force these companies to make the top CEO’s work for its investors instead of just for their own pocket books. Now while i favored the bailout this time, it sure better not happen again. Fool me 3 times, shame on me. It is up to us, the American citizens to make sure that things like this dont happen again by making our voices heard by emailing our congress and through protests.